Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Site must be valid.

When we check your site all sources in cluding source files for iframes be valid. Otherwise your sites will be disabled.

Your site(s) must not have pop up windows.


We do not accept pop up windows of any kind. If there are pop up window at your site it will be disabled.


Your website(s) must not have message boxes.

We do not accept any message boxes of any kind. If there are message boxes at your website your site will be disabled.


Your sits (s) / banner (s) must not contain inapropriate content or be an adult site.

We do not accept sites/banners that contain any kind of adult material, inapropriate / raicist contents. 

Your account will be deleted if not used for 90 days.

Your account will be deleted if we can not send you emails.


If we can not send emails, we will delete your account. This is done because, from time to time need to send you important information.


You can only have one (1) account.

This is because you can only view an earn from one (1) account at a time.

We will disable your site(s) or account if we think they give the system any problems
This could be sites hosted at servers that are too small, and therefore the site shown - in the site rotation - is incomplete. 

REFUNDS: No refunds are given.

By joining and paying for any paid portion of Traffic Flips.Club, you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page.

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